Queensland’s 2020 King & Amy O’Malley Trust scholars

The presentations to the 2020 King & Amy O’Malley Trust scholars for Queensland had been scheduled to be made on Saturday 21 March 2020. Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled to comply with restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this newsletter, the members of the Committee of Management and the members of HEIA(Q) wish to congratulate all our scholars on their achievements and to wish them well for their futures.

Undergraduate scholars

Candice Bek

As a future home economics teacher, Candice is passionate about inspiring future generations of home economics students. She hopes to motivate her students in all areas through exciting and valuable content, but focusing strongly on global issues such as sustainability and social justice. Through creating a safe and encouraging environment, Candice hopes to inspire her students to take risks without judgment, to be creative, to support one another and to fight to resolve global issues.

Sarah McManus

After a career in Health Sciences, Sarah is currently studying to become a teacher of Home Economics and of Biology. On why Home Economics is important, Sarah believes that: ‘Educating Australian youth in Home Economics is crucial for individual, health, family, environmental and community sustainability. To overcome strain in these aspects, our youth need to have the skills and knowledge to be able to make choices that benefit sustainable living practices. For this reason, I have a passion for educating youth in food-literacy skills and knowledge, while also advocating for textiles in the curriculum through the development of strategies that modernise the use of textiles as a medium through sustainable practices. Through the development of essential life skills and knowledge, our youth are empowered to live independent lives that positively impact personal health, families, communities and environments. This is why I am a passionate advocate for Home Economics within the secondary-school environment’.

Bronte Wills

Bronte grew up in Central Western Queensland, in the small remote town of Barcaldine. In this tiny town she called home, she was able to grow into the passionate and creative person she believes she is today—all thanks to the help of her family and wonderful teachers. She currently lives in Rockhampton, where she is studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) majoring in Home Economics/Hospitality at CQUniversity.

Bronte’s relationship with the King & Amy O’Malley Trust began in 2016, when she was awarded this same scholarship in her final weeks of Year 12. She is grateful to have been awarded another King & Amy O’Malley Trust scholarship almost four years on. She believes this to be a great opportunity as it has allowed her to continue her studies while being able to fully immerse herself in her chosen career. For Bronte, Home Economics is far from just cooking and sewing; she believes it to be the blueprint of the modern world, as we know it. She takes absolute pleasure in the opportunity she has to pursue a career where she can not only exercise her own creativity, but also foster it in others to help them navigate an ever-changing global society. Bronte notes that she will continue to uphold the values and goals of the Home Economics ethos, and those of King and Amy O’Malley themselves, as she continues her path in this inspiring industry.

Postgraduate scholars

Lyn McErlean

Lyn is a home economics teacher and former chef. She is currently completing a Master of Education (Education Leadership and Policy) at Monash University, following having been awarded a National Excellence in School Leadership Institute (NESLI) Advanced Leadership scholarship. Lyn is currently the Head of Department for Design & Technology at Indooroopilly State High School in Brisbane. She is passionate about teaching food and nutrition, and about building capacity in a community of educators who are equally passionate about educating students. Lyn has created Facebook groups to be support platforms for teachers, promoting engagement and discussion, and runs collaborative meetings to connect teachers.

Holly Savill

Holly is a 22-year-old student currently completing her Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics at Bond University. She grew up in Launceston, Tasmania and moved to the Gold Coast in 2019 to pursue a career as a dietitian after completing a Bachelor of Health Science. She is passionate about helping people to achieve optimal health and longevity through a community-based approach. She believes in equal opportunities for health, strengthening her ambition to work in rural and remote communities in Australia once she graduates. Food insecurity is a significant issue in these areas—something Holly hopes to change. Using the skills and experience she has gained throughout her studies, she aims to work with communities to implement healthy, sustainable change. She adds that the King & Amy O’Malley Trust has provided her with invaluable assistance towards completing her studies and pursuing her chosen career, and she is sincerely grateful to the trust for this opportunity.

Courtney Thompson

Courtney is a PhD Candidate in the School of Exercise and Nutrition Science at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Her research involves public health and community nutrition, with a particular focus on the development, validation and assessment of food literacy and nutrition knowledge. Courtney is an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Nutrition Society of Australia and has undertaken consultancy work for various health organisations across Australia, including SecondBite, Diabetes Queensland, the Red Cross and Brisbane North PHN (Primary Health Network). Courtney’s ongoing role as a research assistant focuses on the delivery and analysis of a pilot interprofessional education-placement experience in collaboration with The University of Queensland and the Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS). She also works as a sessional academic at QUT.

2021 Scholarships

Available for Home Economics and related areas of study