Online support resources from The Woolmark Company

At a time when most schools around Australia are closed and/or are moving to an online-learning system, The Woolmark Company has reminded us of its online resources for both teachers and students. To access the courses and resources, register at

At the same link you will find the courses available, for example Wool Appreciation Course, Wool Fibre Science, Introduction to Wool Processing, Wool Fabric Finishing and The Dyeing of Wool.

Woolmark Learning Centre—Professional learning for teachers and students

Title: Want to learn more about wool?

The Woolmark Company offers excellent professional online learning for teachers. Teachers can access the full program of coursework, complete with supporting facilitator notes and guides.

The extensive coursework looks at the global supply chain of wool, from farm to fashion. Here you can learn about fibre fundamentals, science and technology as well as industry insights from designers.

All coursework is badged, giving learners capacity to promote and acknowledge their achievements.

To begin, Woolmark recommends that you pursue the Wool Appreciation Course, which is delivered through 15 interactive learning modules. Participants can complete the course at their own pace through a process of self-directed learning. Each module contains knowledge checks to assess participant comprehension. Those who complete the course will come away with an in-depth understanding of the entire wool pipeline.

Upon completion of the online Wool Appreciation Course, participants are eligible to receive Wool Appreciation Badges from Credly, which can be displayed on their digital professional portfolios, such as on LinkedIn.

See also the video at

Online professional learning seminars for teachers

Title: Receive online professional learning

For those teachers who want to increase their knowledge about wool, The Woolmark Company is offering two seminars delivered by industry experts.

Seminar 1: Delivered by Shelia-Mary Carruthers

Shelia-Mary Carruthers will take you on a journey from farm to fashion, demonstrating wool’s benefits and properties, while exploring some of the latest wool innovations.

Shelia-Mary knows the fashion supply chain inside out, having started her career in textile design, specialising in weave and print. In her distinguished career she has worked with a number of global brands, such as on product innovation for Nokia and Microsoft; in global development of a knitwear business on behalf DuPont and Invista for LYCRA®; Jaya Shree Textiles spinners (Aditya Birla Group, India) product and brand development; and many more.

Seminar 2: Delivered by Helene Steiner

Helene Steiner will demonstrate how science, engineering and design can be incorporated in today’s industry. Helene is a designer and engineer who works at the interface between technology and science. She co-founded Open Cell with the mission of providing affordable laboratory space for early-stage start-ups innovating at the intersection of design and biology. She is the co-founder Cell-Free Technology, a biotech company where she develops computational and biological-design tools for proteins and materials. Helene also leads the biomaterial platform at the fashion department of the Royal College of Art in South Kensington, London.

Enjoy your online tutoring on wool!