Moreton Bay College has taken the ‘technology’ in ‘textile technology’ to the next level, providing students with the opportunity to design and create their own digital fabric designs.

Students have explored various techniques and programs used by graphic designers to create innovative fabric designs. Year 8 students explored the elements and principles of design and digital prototyping skills to create fabric prints suitable for a Peter Alexander design challenge. The students used their printed fabrics to create storage pouches or bags to complete their boxer shorts sets.

In using programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, the students developed skills that will benefit them as they learn more about Design and Fashion processes. The skills learnt in these programs have been useful in teaching the students how to create industry-standard digital-fashion illustrations, with Year 8 students asked to complete a fashion illustration as part of their Peter Alexander project.

Special thanks to East Coast Textile Printing for their support and efficient turnarounds on their sublimation printing process. The looks on the students’ faces when they marvelled at their professionally printed fabric designs were priceless. The opportunity for them to see their designs come to life and to avoid the limitations of fabrics available in stores has allowed them to consider the complete design process.

Phoebe Hanau
Moreton Bay College