The HEIA(Q) Fashion Design Workshop was held in the fashion rooms at the Southbank TAFE campus on Friday 10 June 2022 at 4.30 pm.

Ehud Joseph’s workshop showcased the technical skills he uses both in industry and also in his role as a lecturer in the Bachelor of Fashion degree. The workshop was fabulous and inspired participants to push the envelope and challenge their comfort zones.

To cater for diverse skill levels, differentiated tasks allowed all participants to master the objective: to evoke the viewer to question the design further. The concept of bricolage increased participants’ engagement, delivering beautiful results.
We were able to watch Ehud at work, demonstrating his talent honed during decades within all fashion sectors, including showing at Paris Fashion Week.

Activities included visual research, mood-board concepts and, finally, garment design. Ehud then demonstrated how the skills used in the workshop reflect those he uses in industry, delivering garment design to final garment construction.
Participants were encouraged to select resources to take home, allowing the skills learned to be applied in a classroom space.

The workshop was extremely well delivered and received, with all participants going home inspired to design and create!

Candice Bek
Sunshine Beach State High School